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Following a series of alarming observations, and having identified some serious shortcomings in the watchmaking field, in 2005 the idea was had to start a foundation to preserve outstanding craftsmanship. After much reflection, it became apparent that a foundation was the right solution as it was the only organisation truly suited to the objectives we had set ourselves, and one that we had set our hearts on creating.


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Active Members

From the creation and the conceptualization, to the mastering of innovative mechanisms, with an outstanding know-how, the Time Æon Foundation was created thanks to a collaboration of renown personalities of the watch industry. Discover a brief biography of each active members of the foundation.

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Since the 1980s, technologically sophisticated watches in the prestigious luxury goods segment have experienced growing success. But there’s a downside to this increase in strength. You would be forgiven for believing that independent watchmakers are now an endangered species of craftsman, as today’s communications campaigns are more inclined to think in terms of “products” than to highlight the artistic and creative part of the equation.

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