SIHH 2018 – New Workshop

For the second year running, the Time Æon Foundation has had its own stand at the SIHH. Over the course of this week dedicated to Fine Watchmaking and craftsmanship, three students were selected to take part in a workshop and learn traditional decoration techniques.

With the aim, as always, of passing on the traditional techniques central to maintaining watchmaking excellence, the Time Æon Foundation has organised numerous workshops at major international events such as the SIAR and the Dubai Watch Week.

This workshop was redesigned and reworked for the 28th edition of the SIHH in order to offer the selected participants an even richer and more interesting experience. Below is a brief description of the various traditional techniques taught during the workshop.

New Workshop format – Teaching of traditional decoration techniques

  • Finishing the bridge flanks
  • Chamfer and polish the bridge and wheel bevels
  • Traditional bow-polished screw and jewel countersinks
  • Adjusting and fitting the jewel
  • Deburring and matt finishing the bridge foot
  • Adjusting the bridge steady-pins
  • Flat black polishing of steel parts such as screwheads
  • Refresher course of the theory of the Swiss lever escapemen

Main tools provided:

      • Bow and boxwood holder for polishing the countersinks
      • Tripod and zinc plate for flat black (mirror) polishing
      • Model of an escapement, for the lesson on the theory of the Swiss anchor lever escapement

At the end of the workshop, in addition to receiving the Time Æon Foundation diploma signed by Robert Greubel and Philippe Dufour, the students received a watchmaker’s tool kit as well as the demonstration plate that they worked on during their brief apprenticeship.

Other pictures from the SIHH 28th edition: