Exhibition at Les Ambassadeurs Zürich

From November 1st to November 30th, Les Ambassadeurs Zürich hosted the exhibition “Bridging the Past and Future of Fine Watchmaking”. During this exhibition, the Time Æon Foundation had the pleasure to present its major projects, notably Naissance d’une Montre and Oscillon.

Greubel Forsey and Urwerk, both partners and friends of the Foundation, showcased some of their creations. For this event, a four-day workshop was also organised and lead by Michel Boulanger. Eight students learnt some basics of traditional techniques of hand decoration. Five of them are watchmakers at Les Ambassadeurs and three are students in a Swiss watchmaker school.

A cocktail dinner took place to celebrate the end of the exhibition. During this month, journalists and collectors could notice how necessary it is to preserve the crafts associated with watchmaking excellence.

The Time Æon Foundation was glad to have the opportunity to organise this exhibition and warmly thank Les Ambassadeurs for their support during the adventure Naissance d’une Montre.